Steam Whistle Pilsner Delivery (Test)

$14.95 *Prices include tax and deposit

Celebrate #HomeOfficeHappyHour with Steam Whistle Brewery! Order your favourite selection of craft beers right to your home!

Free Delivery on orders over $90!

Orders are delivered directly by Steam Whistle Brewing. We do not ship via Canada Post.

Order Terms & Conditions

  • Must be legal drinking age (19+)
  • Order minimum of 48 bottles or cans (across all brands)
  • We only deliver to area codes in Toronto beginning with M4, M5, M6, M8, L5N, L5M, L5L, L5K, L5J, L5H, L5B, L5A, L5G, L5E, L4Y, L4Z, L4X, L5R, L5V
  • Toronto deliveries made from Tue to Sat
  • Kingston & London deliveries made on Tue, Wed & Fri

Delivery times may vary due to availability. If orders do not meet the above criteria we reserve the right to cancel your order. Thanks for your understanding.